Unlock free access to your trusted media by sharing your opinions.

A Fair Value Exchange

Harkle gives people free, timed-based access to the media sources they trust by answering a few simple questions.

Improving Market Research

Opinion polls are broken for a simple reason; who answers random phone calls anymore? We need a better way to have your voice heard.

Fund quality content

Researchers pay a fee to get honest answers to their questions, with the profits going to the media source you answered them on.

Hassle Free

Support your trusted media and have your voice heard on important topics without being bothered by phone calls or long, boring surveys.

Instant access to hard to reach people who will tell you the truth.

No Sampling Bias

Our innovated distribution method gets feedback from people who accurately represent the audience you care about.

Highly Valuable Segments

Reaching millions of pre-profiled potential respondents via a network of media partners we have an ever growing list of available segments.

People who actually respond

By making a simple question the gateway to a piece of content people want to access we have dramatically improved response rates.

In Hours, Not Weeks

The scale of our network and audience pool means accurate, complete data comes back in hours not weeks

A new revenue stream to expand your business

Monetize the middle

6-8% of readers turn into subscribers and online advertising generates a fraction of what it used to, Harkle is here to help.

Make it simple

People want convenience and Harkle empowers media companies to extract value from their audience in a simple, fair way.

A subscription pipeline

Harkle is specifically designed to help media companies build a new consumer habit and a pipeline to paid subscriptions.

Risk Free

The harkle approach does not undermine your current subscription efforts as it only targets non subscribers.

Harkle connects researchers with people through their trusted media.

What is Harkle?

We believe everybody deserves access to good information.

So we created a way for researchers to subsidise broader access to quality media across the world by giving people free, timed-based access to the sources they trust by voicing their opinions.